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East Beast II  2014   48'  Tandem
on demand

East - BST II


Product no.: Sur commande
Length: 48 feet


24" high aluminium chassis . Designed to accommodate a load of 65,000 Lbs concentrated on four feet and up to 100,000 Lbs distributed. This BST II chassis is built with 2 "T" sections pre-cambered and welded in the neutral axis.  This design evenly balance the "Load Stress" for a longer life and less maintenance. Operators tell us that the design of the "Beast II" provides a lot of stability and greatly facilitates various operations such as parking and other delicate operations.

Aluminium Landing Gear, Coil package, 5 side markers, 16 sliding winches + 16 straps, One Toolbox 24" X 24" X 60"

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