East presents its floor semi-trailer Genesis II

Saturday April 20, 2013

Charlie Wells, Product Manager - semi-dump trailers, recently announced the availability of technology for smooth floor Genesis II semitrailers East Dump mounted on chassis. The Genesis technology to smooth walls, the first to offer the optimum combination of load capacity, durability and low operating costs, is already being used successfully in semi-dump trailers monohulls.
The smooth floor semi-trailers Genesis II reduces aerodynamic drag while simplifying maintenance. In addition, the smooth surface under the trailer eliminates ties that can create accumulations of mud, snow and ice.
The patented floor Genesis II is more rigid than the structure previously used. Extrusions have internal reinforcements designed to withstand the load effectively. They are made of a new alloy are stiffer and more wear-resistant aluminum. In addition, the hollow structure of the new floor panels provides a degree of insulation that reduces the risk of gel loading.
Genesis II allows the design of unitary construction incorporating the sides and floor which enhances the rigidity of the assembly.
Source: East Manufacturing Corporation

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